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Questions Not Answered? Please visit the contact page to ask any further questions.


HOW DO I GET TATTOOED by an artist?

please visit our shop to book a consultation in person or you may submit an online consultation request on our book now page. Please be very thorough when describing your ideas, body placement, and size. The artist will then review the requests received and determine based upon your email or consult request which project your artist is interested in taking on first. A consultation is not a tattoo appointment. Scheduling a tattoo appointment before consulting with you artist may result in cancellation and loss of deposit. only after you consult with your artist and place a deposit for your tattoo will you begin the tattoo process.

can I see my drawing?

our artists withhold the right to refuse viewing any project due to content, timing, style, or any other reason, as main concern is first and foremost creating the best possible piece of art for every appointment. 


our artists do not do drawings for clients that will not be getting tattooed by the artist. If you admire the work, please be respectful enough to ask your artist to tattoo you- their art is not for you to take elsewhere.

All drawings will be done for the day of the appointment or drawn directly on the skin and will not be available for viewing before your scheduled appointment date unless previously discussed with your artist.



Pricing varies depending on the artist and project.  please ask your artist for their hourly rate prior to your tattoo appointment or ask for a direct quote.
Appointments booked after a lapse in monthly visits on large scale designs may also result in a raise in daily rate and/or deposit. Exemptions may apply in times of serious illness, injury or pregnancy.


This policy is to ensure the best quality of your tattoo, Our artists need to be able to work on their projects in a consistent and timely manner while the vision is still there. Our artists will not take on Large projects if you are not as committed as the artist is. 

Do you accept card?

Dark light studios is a cash-only studio. please be prepared for your appointment with cash on hand. if you forgot to bring cash we do have an atm on site.


Deposits vary upon artists. Deposits are to be taken at the time of scheduling. If your artist does not receive a deposit prior to your appointment date they have the right to refuse service until a deposit is placed. Deposit amount is subject to change depending on client history and artist. Deposits are nonrefundable and non-transferrable. they will be deducted from the last session of your tattoo. in the event of a cancellation, reschedule, or no-show your artist has the right to pull your deposit as this covers loss of time and a now empty time slot . A NEW DEPOSIT MUST BE PLACED IN ORDER TO BOOK A NEW APPOINTMENT. Every appointment requires a deposit, NO EXCEPTIONS.

What is your shop minimum?

Our shop minimum is $100. Our artists use some of the best equipment and supplies possible. the shop minimum exists to ensure that it covers the supply cost of your tattoo.

Do you do piercings?
Yes we pierce! walk-ins are welcome and appointments are encouraged. If you would like to book a piercing appointment please head over to our book now page to fill out a consultation form. 
If you have been pierced at our studio and are looking for more information on aftercare, please check out our aftercare page for more information. 
Got any questions about pricing on a specific piercing? just ask. you can head over to our contact page and reach out to our shop manager for general questions. 


Rescheduling, cancellations, or "No-Show" will result in a loss of deposit. This pays for the artists time lost from drawing for your appointment and a now empty appointment slot. your artist has the right to refuse service after the event of a cancellation, no show, or multiple reschedules. if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment please give your artist a minimum of 72 hours notice so that they may fill the empty time slot. without ample notice your deposit may be pulled and a new one must be placed in order to book again. If you have any questions please contact before scheduling. Once scheduled, you have agree to these terms. 


we are located on the southeast corner of Jefferson and linden st, in downtown fort Collins at 256 Linden street. Please double check with your artist prior to your appointment if you are unsure of your appointment time or date. 



Commissioned art work is done case by case and is individually quoted due to content and size, generally requiring a half-down deposit. For commission inquires, please visit the contact page. 

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